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Your first blog post!

Posted by Rich on

Hi Everyone!

So, here we are. I thought I would share a small piece of how we got here...

  Back in 2012, a friend at work talked me into trying E-Cigs to quit smoking.  After a pack a day for 30 years, I had just given up. I tried it all, from patches to pills to cold turkey. A few times I managed to quit, one time for 9 months (no I wasn't pregnant). I was in the neighborhood of this shop downtown and figured I would drop in and see what these things were. The staff made it known they really didn't have time for me. The questions I had were stupid in their eyes. I did pick up a cig-a-like and a couple bottles of juice, but even after spending close to $100, they were still more interested in each others gear that they were showing each other and I was just in the way. So, no, I never went back to that shop.

  After buying on-line with a co-worker, we both got tired of spending a lot of money, waiting over a week, not liking the flavor and starting the process over. It was a month or so into this process that I gave up buying online. Nothing was good, or at least good enough so I started looking into how this stuff is made. I discovered Wizard Labs and High Desert Vapes and started buying flavors, PG, VG and Nicotine and making my own for myself and my co-workers. It was so much fun, I started taking flavor requests from people and buying the flavors needed to make it. A cooking background really helped with making flavor recipes.

  After giving bottles away, I was told the traditional "You should sell these!".   It didn't take long before I started looking into doing just that, and Gremlin Juice was born. (But that is a different story).

  Here at Gremlin DIY, I want to help out others that find they are in the same situation. Nothing online is right, or more and more people are simply unable to purchase online any longer because of crazy laws that are trying to control vaping.

  You will be able to purchase your flavors here, along with PG, and VG. I will not be selling Nicotine on this site as that is easily found elsewhere, and as long as all I sell is flavors, I can ship to Canada, Europe and even Arkansas! 

  My number one priority is to do my best to keep all inventory in stock at all times. I am going to start small and grow the inventory every week. At the time of this writing, we have not opened yet, and are just now recieving the stock of inventory and getting everything on the shelves, and only ten to twenty flavors from only four different companies. This will be amusing to look back on in a couple years when we have hundreds of flavors! But for now, let's be real. I don't know if we are going to sell 5 bottles next week or 500 or 5,000. So be patient with us in the beginning and we will all grow together.

  As I say with the Gremlin Juice side, "This is your store, I'm just running it for you".  Let's have fun!